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Security Folding Doors

Security folding Doors provide an excellent source of security for your business or even home. Manufactured from pre Galvinised steel and interlocking lattas bars.Manufactured to suit opening heights from 500mm to 3.100Can be fit between reveals or face fix onto front windows or door openings.Options Include

Flexible Stacking
Hinged up bottom Track suitable for doorways
Removable bottom track

Our range of security grilles has been developed to meet all requirements. We have installed security grilles for a wide range of users. These users range from domestic and small commercial or retail applications through to the protection of high value equipment, products, documents and data.
We supply affordable retractable security grilles that are particularly suitable for domestic properties. The security grilles provide a strong physical barrier for protection of windows and doors including patio doors and is an effective visual deterrent against attack.
We supply and fit security Folding Doors throughout Dublin, Drogheda, Dundalk and throughout the rest of Ireland.

Wheeled Safety Barrier

A higher security barrier with wheels that can be fixed at either end and locked into position.

Suitable for use in Schools, hospitals, surgeries, retail, offices, showrooms, factories, public buildings. For partitioning and closing off specific areas eg:

  • Access ways

  • Exits and entrances

  • Factory roller doors

  • Corridors

  • Out of bounds areas

  • Hazardous areas


  • Stadiums

  • Crowd Control

  • Up to 1700mm tall

  • Up to 6000mm wide

  • Multiple barriers can be joined together

  • Made-to-measure

  • Trellis: 16 x 3mm flat bar

  • Foot depth: 300mm

  • Finish: White powder coated

  • Wheels for easy movement

  • Lockable

  • Take up very little space when collapsed

Domestic Security Grilles

is now widely accepted by crime prevention officers and the insurance industry that the only way to stop domestic burglaries is to physically protect the doors and windows. When it comes to protecting your home, you can rest assured that our domestic security shutters and security grilles will provide the ultimate home security solution – they were created as a practical response to the growing need for burglary protection


GrillesOver the past ten years, office equipment theft has increased dramatically. This can be disastrous to any organisation, not only because of the cost and disruption but also because highly confidential information can get into the wrong hands. You need to act now. A burglary can be easily followed by another one because burglars know that you will replace your company assets as soon as possible, probably with upgraded versions.


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