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PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Doors and Curtains

PVC strip doors and curtains can be provided to suit any size in height or width of doorwaysEasy maintenance with removable strip – just exchange them.
Minimum loss of energy with PVC Door Openings

PCV Strip doors are especially suitable to close large hall openings. The tough PVC strips only open for the width required for the vehicle or the load. This loss of temperature is reduced to a minimum, even during heavy traffic !
The first class transparency of the PVC strip doors improves light conditions and reduces lighting costs


In each case, strips are hung in accordance with the installation instructions. The more the strips overlap, the better the sound and thermal insulation values. The strip convex/concave alternation that maximises insulation properties (see scheme of strip overlapping.)


PVC strip doors are transparent : Pedestrians and vehicles approching from either side of the door are in plain view
The PVC strips/curtains are extruded to width, with rounded edges (no sharp or rough edges to catch or snag).
Two orange strips outline the door opening to preven vehicles from hitting the sides of the doorway.
Reduce the problem of noise, draughts.
Dust, Spray and fume control. Air pollutants such as these can be both harmful and lethal in the workplace. The partitioning curtain or strip doors will contain this problem most effectively
PVC strip doors/curtains are secure. Blind strips can be exchanged against transparent ones in a minute

Wear Resistant

PVC strip doors offer many advantages.
Shock- resistance and great tensile strength of the strips.
10,000 passes guaranteed
Easy maintenance with removable strip
Cleaning with soap and water without dismantling any parts
Working temperature : Standard grade: minus 10°C to plus 50°C :: Polar grade : minus 25°C to plus 5°C.

Main characteristics

PVC strip doors are made in tough, flexible, transparent PVC strips giving the door excellent resistance to damage and wear.
In addition, strips are hung from patented support bracket system which allows a 90° swivel in both direction.
Accident prevention due to the use of transparent strips.
PVC strip doors are versatile, the support bracket system allows the strips to be adjustable (overlap) and removable – e.g. in summer

The Shutter Factory Ltd. Support

An Unique self locking hook-on support bracket system
Strip can be swivelled 180° (90° both sides)
Adjustable strip overlap
Offers real versatility. You can add strips, take them away or alter the overlap to suit changing conditions.
Removable strips : hang them in winter take them down in summer.
The swivel action of each piece strip hanger, prevents any lateral tearing
Material = Pre-galvanized steel to prevent rusting.

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