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Commercial Roller Shutters

commercial roller  shutter
commercial roller shutter
commercial rolller shutter
commercial rolller shutter
commercial roller shutter
roller shutter
commercial rolller shutter

Your Commercial Roller Shutter

Medium duty roller shutters are typically fitted with electric motors or manual reduction gear hand chain systems, and can be galvanised or coloured. They are typically used in shop fronts or commercial applications where large vehicle access or continuous operation is not required. Heavy duty electrically operated roller shutters are typically used in large industrial or farm buildings. They can be fitted with additional wind protection or control systems like remote control and auto open/close. Standard end plates are galvinised steel, and the thickness of the barrel varies depending on the door's weight. Curtains can be in any colour and have interlocking end locks. Electrical operation options include 24v low level open/close button, induction loop switch, and safe drive motor units.

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