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Steel / Fire / Security Doors

Door and Frame Specification:

Door Features:

Our fire doors have been tested and meet the BS 476 P20&P22 and CE EN 1634-1:2000 fire resistant standards. These doors can be used for both exterior and interior purposes. They come with extra steel for added security and protection.

The door frame is fixed using 7-10 adjustable jacking screws. When the door is closed, there are no visible fixing holes. The frame is inserted with a fire rubber seal on all four sides to reduce noise, smoke, dust, and other elements. The single door has a completely flush surface, while the door leaf has a 4 mm lip covered on the frame. The double door has a completely flush surface both inside and outside, with each door leaf having a 4 mm lip covered on each other. The in-active door leaf can be self-locked by a stainless steel flush bot.

Door Details:

- Fire rating: 1-4 hours fire rated

- Door leaf thickness: 50 mm

- Door frame thickness: 100 mm

- Door leaf skin steel: 1.0-1.2 mm galvanized steel attached with reinforced plate

- Door frame steel: 1.6-2.0 mm galvanized steel attached with reinforced plate covered

- Material in door leaf: fire insulated aluminium silicate wool attached with 3mm double fireproof resistant board

- Material in frames: fire insulated rock wool with reinforced plate

- Extra reinforced plate: positioned for lock, panic bar, door closer, etc.

- Threshold: 15 mm height made of stainless steel or galvanized finish, or no threshold for interior use.

Steel Door Surface Finish:

- Finish: Powder coated

- Standard colour: RAL 7016

- Other colours available for an additional option

- Door sets weight:

- 900 mm x 2100 mm door sets approximately 95 kg

- 1000 mm x

Steel Doors & Security Doors Anti-Rust Coating

While steel is prone to corrosion and rust, galvanised steel offers higher degree of resistance against these elements. Steel may even be coated to prevent it from being exposed to air and moisture, which cause rust. When corrosion is a major concern and can undermine sanitation, stainless may be used instead.
There are different steel alloys available for steel doors and frames, and each has its own level of resistance against corrosion and rust, and each vary in strength, durability.

Steel Doors & Security Doors with Fire Resistance

Security doors with fire resistance (also known as fire shutters) facilitate the safe exit in case of fire. The security door is made of steel with enhanced resistance against fire, so it can be used to control or manage the damage by closing in various sections of the building or floor. Sectional shutters make it easy to allow exit of people and property, whilst keeping fire damage at a minimum.
Shutters and doors that offer fire protection are made according to specific industry standards. They pass through rigid tests in order to ensure they meet stringent requirements of insurance providers, as well as those end-users who are very particular about safety. Moreover, these fire-resistant steel doors and shutters are customisable to fit different dimensions of openings. Also, you have an option whether to have them in galvanised steel or powder-coated steel.

Steel Door Customisation and Prices

  The Shutter Factory is able to build custom steel doors for your business premises or your home. Steels doors offer high levels of security for access points on your premises and help keep the intruders out.
Whatever your application we can engineer a door to meet your needs. It can be exterior steel doors, steel doors or security doors for home or heavy duty steel doors. Call us now for our competitive security steel door and security door prices.

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