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Fire Curtain Down

Fire Curtain Down
Fire Curtain Up

Fire Curtain Up
12 metre, Fire Curtain Installation

12 metre, Fire Curtain Installation
7 metre fire curtain

7 metre fire curtain
Horzontal Fire Curtain

Horizontal Fire Curtain
Horizontal Fire Curtain

Horizontal Fire Curtain

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We offer Fire Curtains in Ireland which  are tailor  made Fire Solutions to fit all requirements and customer specifications
Fire safety curtains  provide a barrier  in the event of a fire and fire curtain prevents heat smoke and flame from fire especially in areas of difficult access and we always make sure are complaint and fully up to date with the latest fire regulations.
The Shutter Factory provides innovative and aesthetically appealing fire curtains in Ireland  to fit any purpose and any opening in your building, our complete range of fire curtain systems is flexible, both physically and in an application. Our protective systems can cover any opening from small dimensions to bigger dimensions. Working with all types of projects we listen  , engage and immerse ourselves in our clients objectives, our products have a variety of applications in the building core and shell.

  • Why choose an Shutter Factory Fire Curtain?

    Compliance Guaranteed
    Highly Competitive
    Professional Experienced Designers
    Fast and Secure Functioning
    Highly Versatile

  • Highest tested EW fire performance standards for Irish fire curtains.  Horizontal or Vertical with a leading range of tested parameters by Warrington Fire. Fully (all annexes) tested, and third party certified to BS 8524-1 by IFC. Installed and commissioned in accordance with BS 8524-2. 

  • 60-120 minutes integrity BS 1634-1.

  • 60-120 minutes radiation BS 1634-1 (Up to EW 120). 

  • Smoke leakage to BS 1634-3. 0 Multi-functional panels, and fully tested and certified auxiliary products Annex H (8524). 

  • C1 class cyclic testing, severe duty class testing to BS 5234-2, elevated motor temperature tests to annex G, BS 8524-1, with a range of class "0" to BS 476-6/7 high performance stainless steel reinforced fire-retardant fabrics, all 3rd Party certified.

  • Fully trained ,certified and employed installation engineers.

  • Comprehensive operational and maintenance manuals with client training options.

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